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Present and Future

Present and Future

In July 2009 the group underwent a major makeover to bring it up to date and to widen its appeal. Armed with a new logo, promotional material, a re-launched newsletter and website the group continues its work to help give: Support – Information – Encouragement to those with FSH-MD, their families, carers and friends. Although Norman and Lorraine have now retired from the running of the Support Group they still keep in touch to stay up to date with latest happenings. As recognition to the hard work which both Norman and Lorraine have put into setting up the group, they were recently asked to become the Support Group’s Honorary Presidents.

The Group is run by a number of volunteers nationally who give their time freely, attend meetings at their own cost and are keen to get as much information out to our members as possible via various communications. The Committee endeavour to arrange information days and smaller localised events for the benefit of our members and these can only succeed through member support and the efforts of the Committee. The Muscular Dystrophy UK support us in many ways and allow us to communicate with as many members as possible by distributing our biannual Newsletter by email or post, this is the main outlay for the Support Group and an invaluable connection. We hope we compliment the endeavors of the Muscular Dystrophy UK and can continue as a focal point, advice centre for FSH-MD.

If you would like to get more involved with the running of the FSH-MD Support Group UK or have any suggestions for moving the Group forward please contact:

Liz Williams, Chairperson, FSH-MD Support Group UK fshgroup@hotmail.org

If you wish to donate for Research into FSH-MD we are currently supporting the Muscular Dystrophy UK’s Action on FSH fundraising initiative, the Group is hoping to raise £10,000 towards the £45,000 target for more information please use this link to the BT my donate page: https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/mdcfshsupportgroupuk