About us

Present and Future

Present and Future In July 2009 the group underwent a major makeover to bring it up to date and to widen its appeal. Armed with a new logo, promotional material, a re-launched newsletter and website the group continues its work to help give: Support – Information – Encouragement to those with FSH-MD, their families, carers …

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Current Committee

Chairperson – Liz Williams I was first diagnosed with FSH MD back in 2004 after burying my head in the sand for probably 10 years or so. I had been a Medical Secretary for 6 years before having my two sons, the diagnosis came when my eldest son was 2. It was a difficult time but …

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Contact us

For general enquiries: FSH-MD Support Group UK C/o Muscular Dystrophy UK 61A Great Suffolk Street London SE1 0BU 020 7803 4800 Email: info@musculardystrophyuk.org We often recieve donations or proceeds from fundraising events which helps us to cover the groups costs. You can also specify that you would like your donation added to our FSH-MD research fund. All donations …

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In the beginning

The early beginnings The seeds of the support group were established by Norman and Lorraine Jonas in the 1980’s after their eldest daughter Lisa was diagnosed with FSH-MD in her teens. With no other known members of either Lorraine’s or Norman’s families showing any signs or symptoms of FSH-MD, the diagnosis came as a big shock. At …

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If you wish to offer any feedback about FSH-MD Support Group UK please send it to fshgroup@hotmail.com

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