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What is scapular fixation?

What is scapular fixation?

Scapular fixation is a surgical procedure performed under general anasthetic that stabilises the scapular (shoulder blade) by attaching it to the rib cage.

Why is it done?

One of the characteristic problems of FSH-MD is the ‘winged’ effect of the shoulder blades, caused by a weakness in the muscles that hold the scapular in place. As a result of this muscle weakness some people with FSH-MD can have significant loss of ability to raise their arm above their shoulder which can cause problems when eating, drinking, lifting, reaching etc. Surgery to stabilise the scapular should improve functional ability of the shoulders, however movement in some directions will be restricted.

Is it always a success?

Unfortunately no. Deciding on the surgery is not an easy decision, not everyone who have had surgery are pleased with the result. Some people who have had both shoulders operated on can be pleased with the result of one shoulder but not the other.

Scapular fixation ~ Leanne’s story

Diagnosed with FSH-MD in her early teens, Leanne (29) has had scapular fixation surgery on both shoulders; the right in 2008 and the left early 2009. Undertaken by Professor Levy at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading, Leanne say’s the decision to go ahead with the surgery was a tough one after a previous surgeon …

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Scapular fixation ~ James’ story

Hey! I’m James Morrison, born 9th December 1987 in Florida, USA but grew up in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. I first noticed obvious signs of FSH when I was 16/17 years old when I was beginning to lose alot of muscle mass despite doing intense weight training. I was finally diagnosed with FSH muscular dystrophy in the …

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Scapular fixation ~ Ian’s story

My scapular fixation journey started when I was diagnosed at around 15 hence my claim to fame seems to be that I am probably one of the earliest FSH sufferers to have had scapular fixation. It all started I guess because I was referred to Professor Galasko (who is a top orthopaedic surgeon) for the …

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